Mike Hewett

Hi, my name’s Mike. Like most people who are introduced to the idea of self help, or personal development programs, I was extremely sceptical and pretty uninterested when my wife approached me one day and asked if I would be willing to attend a “little thing” a few of her friends were hosting. Having been struggling ourselves over the last few years with communication, I was apprehensive about what I was getting myself into, but nothing else seemed to be breaking down that wall between us. I reluctantly agreed, with a pretty closed mind. I mean, no one likes to hear that their life needs improvement right, least of all me. It was hard for me still to get over the mindset that I know everything already, and that no one could tell me anything. Through joining the “Life By Design” challenge I think the biggest thing I’ve taken from it so far was just learning how to step out of, and beside myself and use that advice and those answers to rebuild my own marriage and focus on my own problems instead of trying to fix everyone else. Hearing the personal stories of all the people involved throughout the course helped to encourage me and my wife to pursue a healthier lifestyle. We’ve learned through the time by design how to value our time and set a weekly schedule to better manage our time. We’ve learned through the budget by design, where to “cut the fat” in our spending habits and how to budget our finances to ultimately achieve our personal goals. We’ve learned through health by design how to change our eating and grocery shopping habits, and how to stretch our meals and potentially eat healthier. We’ve learned through home by design how to communicate our needs to each other effectively, and be thankful for what we do have. We’ve learned through business by design how to own our business and create our own worth, also how to increase our own value. But I think the biggest thing we learned, is that we are not alone, that there are other people out there just like us who just need to be encouraged, and pointed back in the right direction, people who need their hearts spoken to and life spoken over them. I recommend this program to anyone having any doubt about the direction you are heading in life, or anyone at an impasse in your relationships with family or significant other.

This isn’t a quick fix program, it’s a life long journey. If you apply yourself to it, you will see results, you will learn valuable life skills, and you will meet some of the most amazing, uplifting, real and genuine people, that will fill your heart with inspiration, energy and hope! Be prepared for a life changing experience, and keep an open mind! You won’t be disappointed!