Crystal & Derek Fonk

Before By Design, I was down, REALLY down, thinking we had been dealt the crap hand and were forever going to be that couple, that family in major debt. We owed family, we owed the banks, we were making all out payments each month, but never extra, never enough to see a difference.
We attended all of the Budget by design meetings, and each week grew more and more eager to learn together. We learned that we must take care of what has been given to us, take responsibility for our territory for us to eventually see it grow. Each week we applied what we were learning and seeing change. We paid off 2 smaller credit cards and had the joy of each cutting up one. Then after a few weeks and a lesson on time management and what our time is worth, I asked for a raise. I proved to them what I was worth, what I felt my time working for them should be worth. I fought hard and I wasn’t going to back down. Ask and you shall receive, and that I did. That extra little amount now can go straight to paying down our debt. We took care of our territory and we saw it grow.

We have gained the tools we need for the rest of our life and look forward to continuing to learn and grow together as a family. Thank you BY DESIGN and we are so thankful for the great friends we have made!!!!