Jen Elliott

Taking the By Design Challenge was Truly a Gift! I had reached a point in my life where I was searching for answers to the many questions I had regarding my lifetime challenges and heartaches. I was so spent that I had no more energy, I had little money saved, I was disconnected from my family and friends and had lost faith in God for my many challenges. Therefore, I ended up being diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma that had spread to my bones and the rest of my body. My cousin had suggested the idea of coming to By Design, so I thought “Why not?”. It wasn’t just the Facilitating team that gave me hope but I took ideas & tips from the other soul searching group of people i met along the way. Most of the time I sat back and listened but one day I found my voice and decided to share my story with others because it is healing to Let it Go! I am now in remission, I have reconnected with my family and friends, I have learned to manage stress, I am better at spending and have restored my faith in myself and my God. I encourage others to take the challenge.