Kelly Paul

By Design has helped me discover my passion. I lost a brother 4 years ago in 2008. He took his own life by choice at the age of only 17. Way too young to have his life taken from this earth. My passion is YOUTH and suicide prevention / awareness. I’ve always wanted to run the island. So I thought I could connect the two and run the island with a cause. I’d like to run the island starting in the North end of the island and end up at the South end. I’d like to run through the various First Nations communities, myself being a First Nations woman, then ending up in my own Reserve. I will be sharing my own personal experiences and bringing a team of educators with me. This is for my own personal healing and for all the youth, who are contemplating this, knowing there is another option!

Thanks so much for all your support and sharing in this journey. I want to take this tragedy and use it for a better cause!