Emily Olsen

The facilitators are extremely preofessional but genuine in the delivery of their stories and teachings. They have the ability to be vulnerable in just the most generous and tender way that somehow gives the students the permission to look inside. It is so lovely to watch people transform and be brave right in front of your eyes.  The first time I attended By Design there were a lot of tears and a little fear. The top layer of the surface of my pain and sense of worth was merely scratched. I was excited to go every week, the people the stories and the excitement I saw in others was inspiring.  It was evident in their lives that change from within was not only possible, but a reality. The various people who shared always managed to tap in to some part of my life that was neglected or unsatisfied or ignored. By design was a weekly dose of what I believe being a community is about. It is the type of communication that human beings are actually intended for. By design gave me permission, gave me a voice, gave me desire.   I had the courage to be vulnerable, I was supported and loved for what I thought was an ugliness inside of me. What came out of it all in my life at home with friends family and my husband and children as well as myself was something unexpected. I had to finally be honest with myself and be accountable for my destructive and unnecessary patterns. It was wonderful to free myself from being resentful and concerning myself with things I didn’t need. Once I showed kindness and respect to my loved ones to do what was ‘on their hearts’ it allowed me to respect my own journey more. I am a work in progress but I definitely have some great people and stories to glean from after being a part of this wonderful community of living life By Design.

By design is like mapping out all the parts of your life that go uncared for bringing their beauty into light.