Corinne Desjarlais

I have lived my life in a place of question, apprehension & a little fear. But never afraid to try something new.
I have a beautiful cousin,”Kelly Paul” who introduced me to the Gems Workshop and the By Design Challenge. She had inspired me in so many ways and I felt I needed to know how she had evolved, and why, especially after a life filled with such tragedy.  I nervously went to Gems and then By Design. It opened my eyes & my heart. It gave me some insight & skills to relate to others. It gave me the skills to be aware of my potential in life.  I let down my guard. I listened to the life stories. I met some great people and created some lasting friendships.  The surroundings were beautiful and I was invited in by loving facilitators. We laughed. We cried. We created. Thank you, By Design.