Your self -worth is based upon the positive habits, actions, and decisions you practice everyday

John C. Maxwell states: “Your self -worth is based upon the positive habits, actions, and decisions you practice everyday.”   So why not build your self-esteem and tackle your health challenges at the same time?

It’s the little things over time that make the biggest difference in our lives – especially in our health.  Which is why the compounding effect is good news.  Did you know that if you cut back your daily calorie intake by 125 calories (one hand-full of smarties a day) you would lose 33 lbs over 3 years?  That’s 33 pounds!! What small change do you want to make every day to get the long-term results you are looking for?

Consistency is key.  It may seem boring to you. But think BIGGER.  Make commitments that have room to move inside them.

Example:  I will move for 10 minutes everyday.  Take turns on the trampoline with your kids.

Dance to your favorite song while cooking dinner.

Sprint to the end of your street and back.

Spend 5 minutes with that contraption you bought on late night T.V.

It doesn’t matter how you move.  Just move.  EVERYDAY and have fun!

For some of us it’s the BIG things that paralyze us – the little is much more achievable.  If this is you, use it to your own HEALTH advantage.  Begin by defining your Health By Default.  Take a good, honest look at where you are right now in your health journey and where you want to go BY DESIGN?  Do that first.  It will help you clarify what is priority for you, and remember: everyone is different.  Some may be ready to turn their 5 km into a 6 km! Others may be ready to walk their dog for 5 minutes a day to get some fresh air.

CHOOSE your little STEP today – the one that makes you happy – the one your heart is highlighting, and DO IT every day.

Share your step with us below.  It may just inspire someone else to take their next step too.