Rachel Scott

Hi everyone. My name is Rachel Scott. I am a DREAMER, I love to dream and I love to dream BIG! But somehow through life, my dreams began to seem more like “just a dream”, and not a dream with actual potential any more to actually happen. So in a sense they were just a tease, the something amazing that I want so bad, but was starting to believe just wasn’t going to be a part of my life. Since taking part in the By Design challenge. I have been challenged to allow those dreams to exist again, and to start making plans to take action and make them happen, because you know what, if I just let life happen to me, I will never reach my potential or those dreams that I have. I am choosing to stop pointing the finger at this or that and that is why I can’t. I have discovered that the only thing that is really getting in the way of my dreams is me and my excuses. So I feel what this challenge has done for me is I have learned to take responsibility for my life, my choices, my attitudes. I am choosing to move forward, and when I hit a bump along the way, get up and continue moving forward. And I’ve got a great cheering squad now:)

Much love and gratitude to the “By Design” team, you guys are awesome friends!