Kali Gillespie

It’s a rare gift to have not one, not two, but an entire group of people come alongside you that actually want to hear your story. New friends that genuinely care enough to listen & seek to understand, and then to keep on meeting, laughing & stretching one another to new places! To me, By Design is about true community, knowing that we humans desperately need one another as we stumble along in this thing called life. I’m a true introvert by nature, but By Design helped me find & value my voice and to share it out loud. Not just for my sake, but because I finally understood that it’s really not all about me, and that my story, my victory can bring a glimmer of hope to someone else. If you want to see just what else might be possible for you, with some of the most inspiring & fun-loving people around, join the next 8-week challenge!