Caroline Walker

I heard of a personal development challenge called By Design when I was at a low point in my life with the likelihood of a career change on the horizon and the desire to continue to go from obese to athlete. By design gave me the tools to explore who I am and how to move forward. Inspired by Maralyn Bell I decided I wanted to swim the Straight of Jaun Fuca and as I moved towards that dream the doors began to open. I’m now pro coached and completed my first Ultra Marathon Swim August 17th, 2014 of 20.3km in 12 hrs and 45 min. This swim has become the building blocks for a new carrier and to fulfill the dream of swimming the straight! I want to inspire others to be liberated from their fears and live by design rather than by default. It was once believed that you could not run a mile in one min. A belief does not equal a truth. It took one person to break the 4 min mile and over 20, 000 people have done it since. I was told that swimming over 20km was impossible for a beginner swimmer. But I believed!  Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate… its that we are powerful beyond measure. Playing small does not serve us. Its one thing to be inspired and I can tell you its humbling to be an inspiration. I will now move forward as an professional athlete, motivational speaker, coach and mentor. Thank you by Design team for your support!