Do you ever feel like you have information overload?

Do you ever feel like you have information overload?  Like there is a limitless flow of information but not enough practical application?

When we are given ideas for how to APPLY information it often turns information into inspiration.  Practical, ‘real life’ tools that are doable and WORKING for people are valuable!  Here are few tools for your tool-box in your home.  Try one and find out what works for you and your family.

  • Have a family game night every week and let each member choose the “Game of the week”
  • Many hands make light work – get the whole family involved with cleaning the house on a Saturday and celebrate with a dance party
  • Sit down at the table together at for at least one meal of the day – and ask each person for their Highlights and Lowlights of the day
  • Clear out the clutter – have a garage sale and donate the money to your favorite charity or pay off credit card debt
  • Have a ‘date’ night with your spouse, your child, your mom or a friend – and leave your SmartPhone at home
  • Plan time to RELAX and HAVE FUN in your weekly schedule and get outside for a hike or a beach day
  • Sit down with your spouse or children on Sunday and “plan the week” together so everyone know what is ahead
  • Take every opportunity to praise and encourage family members every day and see what happens
  • Make a family VISION board – be creative together and design a vision for your future. (Include each person’s dreams and goals)
  • Make a list of your Top 10 values in life and stick it on your fridge and your bathroom mirror


Choose one of the above that works best for your life and make it happen this week.