Are you afraid of missing out?

Do you have a difficult time making decisions?Do you wait until the last minute to commit to anything?On Facebook – when invited to events – are you a MAYBE?Are you at home, feeling like you are missing the party or at the party, feeling like you are missing out at home?

Are you playing Lego with your son, thinking you should be working? Or working, thinking you should be playing with your son?

Missing out is a mindset that has the power to destroy the quality of your daily life.

Overcome the power of the FEELING of missing out – by choosing to FOCUS on the moment you are in right now.  What you focus on will flourish – what you neglect will die.   

The Benefits of Being in the Moment:

  •       Focus on the essential task in front of you, to the exclusion of all
  •       else, and you will complete it in less time, with less effort.
  •       Focus on the person you are with, to the exclusion of all others, and
  •       watch stress decrease in your relationship.
  •       Focus on the moment and you will feel more alive than ever before!

Put it to the test for ONE WEEK and we guarantee that you will find joy in the simple things as the skies begin to clear.   Remember: You will only “miss out” on life if you believe you are missing out.

CHOOSE to be in the moment and enjoy RIGHT NOW!!