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In December of 2011, 4 Entrepreneurs and 2 Educators got together with the mission of mobilizing a generation to make the time to make the changes that matter most in our lives. Before long, our team grew to include First Nation leaders who shared our passion. With a belief that every thing we do matters and a value for the little things, we began a journey to change the world – one life at a time.

“Without a clear vision – people lose heart.”

Our driving theory was “If we can challenge people to dream again, to begin at home in the little things and create a culture of honour to support one another, we will uncover the leaders who will affect change in every arena of the world.” January 2012, By Design launched it’s first challenge, and has successfully unlocked a way to not only awaken the dreamers to action, but to build a community moving forward together.

Our Team

  • Adam Price
    Adam Price
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  • Chelsea Henkel
    Chelsea HenkelCo-Founder / Health & Wellness Coach
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Strong, loyal & freedom fighter by design, Chelsea has a way of putting words to the deepest questions and struggles of our hearts, and always remain in hope. Chelsea is a treasure hunter by nature, has a knack of turning the boring into beauty and loves to tell faith filled stories. As a co- founder of By Design, health & lifestyle coach, writer, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and mother of 3 handsome sons, Chelsea is a wild and crazy soccer mom cheering on the field and on Facebook, encouraging others to live courageously through authenticity.

Sharing openly, her personal struggles with an eating disorder as a young woman, battling self-worth and how she found her voice after a lifetime of silence, Chelsea is passionate about helping others overcome the insurmountable challenges that can threaten to steal from our lives and destroy our dreams.

Chelsea is committed to empower others with the very same skills her family used to pay off $120,000 debt, build a six figure income and empower a community of world-changers.

In her very “spare” time, Chelsea loves to write and perform music with her her husband, Adam, (Check them out!) stand up for a cause, dance with her boys, visit with friends, run, stretch and breath deeply at the beach.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

  • Lillian Underwood
    Lillian UnderwoodExecutive Coach / Motivational Speaker / Spiritual Advisor
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Courageous, bold and intuitive by design, Lillian Underwood is Southern Tuchone from Kluane First Nation in the Yukon Territories who today lives with her husband, Chief Harvey Underwood of the Tsawout First Nation of the Coast Salish People and her two teenage daughters in beautiful, Victoria BC. Lillian graduated from TWU with her BA Major in Education and will graduate from Royal Roads University as an Executive Coach in July 2016.

As an entrepreneur, executive coach, and motivational speaker with By Design, Lillian is passionate about exploring the roots of the beliefs that shape our lives and equipping people to experience breakthrough in health, wealth and relationships.

Through sharing her personal journey, Lillian communicates how she overcame childhood abuse, phobias, lack of self-worth and overwhelming debt to live today debt-free and empowering others to achieve wealth and escape the grip of lack. Lillian’s story will inspire hope in every heart that is open and willing to change.

Lillian is a deeply spiritual woman who seeks below the surface to uncover the boundaries that hold you back and inspires great faith to believe for the impossible. In her spare time, Lillian enjoys shopping with her girls, reading personal development books, beading, making traditional moccasins and living off the land.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, in both cases you are right.” Henry Ford

  • Adam Henkel
    Adam Henkel
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  • Sonya Price
    Sonya PriceCo-Founder / Relationship & Family Coach
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Loving, supportive and ridiculously funny by design, Sonya is the friend who you can always count on to listen and dream with, because she believes in you. There is just something about her that makes people feel safe, grounded and able to be their true selves.

Co-founder of By Design, and teacher by trade, this homeschooling mom of two, is committed to the journey of living life from the heart and valuing the little things along the way. With a passion to reach into communities with a message of hope, Sonya aspires to chase beauty wherever she goes and embrace every soul, no matter where they are starting from, with empathy and love.

Passionate about relationships, communication skills and living life by our core values, Sonya shares her journey of learning to say “No” to the good, so she could say “Yes” to the best. She also teaches the DISC personality profile and effective communication with her husband, Adam, and shares how learning a new language changed everything for their family.

Sonya is a free spirit by nature who loves to wander in the great, wide open, travel the world with her family, garage sale on the weekend, yoga with friends, drink good coffee, eat popcorn and take funny pictures of her dog, Daisy that make us all laugh out loud.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Winnie the Pooh

  • Tina Savea
    Tina SaveaLife Coach, Motivational Speaker, Event Co-ordinator
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Hilarious, vulnerable, and fashionista by design, Tina has unique ability to connect in a way that will have you crying one minute and laughing out loud the next. With a strong desire to see others awaken to their worth, kiss victim goodbye and break the slavery of debt, Tina is committed to sharing the freedom she has found through forgiveness and personal responsibility.

Entrepreneur, First Nation EA, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Homeschooling Mom of 3 world changers, Tina is from the Keeseekoose First Nation passionate about breaking down judgements, building strong communities and empowering individuals through personal responsibility. Sharing openly about the pain of losing her father, her personal struggles with health and finances and how finding her voice helped her heal and become debt-free, Tina will equip and inspire you to begin again and walk in dignity towards your dreams.

The coffee and the coco is always on at the Savea home, as Tina and her Samoan, rugby-loving, fire-dancing husband, Niu, enjoy facilitating large community gatherings, authentic pig roasts and dance parties with their kids. They also enjoy travelling across Canada and the South Pacific to visit family, adventure and speak life over everyone they meet along the way.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

  • Vangel Roberts
    Vangel RobertsCo- Founder / Life Coach
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Warm, connected and a little bit sparkly, Vangel is so full of freedom and fun, she challenges you to take a walk on the wild side and get funky with your bad self. An optimistic-realist (if there is such a thing), Vangel is a visionary who sees the big picture but is convinced that it is the daily choices over time that take us where we want to go.

Knowing that it is our weaknesses that connect us, Vangel shares openly, her own stories of battling anxiety, drowning in $150,000 debt, feeling isolated in her marriage, struggling with parenting and her journey into hope. She lives today debt-free, with a marriage and family life she loves and purpose driving her daily steps. Convinced that life really is more simple than we make it, Vangel is dedicated to turning down the noise, bringing clarity and vision to those struggling with confusion, and inspiring motivation to get results from the heart.

Whether she is pouring over website copy, consulting with local or online businesses, teaching DISC personality training, motivational speaking or connecting at eye-level with the littler people in her own life, Vangel is passionate about making others feel valued and empowering them to make the impact only they were designed to make.

You will often find her dancing in her kitchen to Uptown Funk while she gets her “clean” on, homeschooling her three kids, hanging at the beach with friends, dating her main squeeze, Wade, on Facebook at midnight or learning to embrace the small as she continues to believe for the big.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” John C. Maxwell

  • Wade Roberts
    Wade RobertsCo-Founder / Business Coach
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Solid, steadfast and a dreamer by design, Wade is a journeyman plumber by trade, a business owner (celebrating 11 years in business), a coach and motivational speaker at By Design, happily married to Vangel and proud father of three, fun-loving kids.

Passionate about equipping and empowering leaders in the marketplace to build businesses with integrity, excellence and a heart to serve, Wade shares the simple strategies that empowered him to take his company (that was facing potential bankruptcy in 2009) to the success it is today.

Committed to personal growth and tapping into the wealth of wisdom in every person he meets, Wade believes strongly in the value of community over independence. He is convinced that when we work together, we are able to achieve success in every area of our lives and are mobilized to give and empower others who don’t have the same opportunities we do.

On his days off, Wade spends most of his free time biking with his son, having tea parties with his daughters and hanging with friends and family. The wild side of Wade enjoys riding waves, flying down a mountain on two boards, watching rugby or whacking a ball across a sea of green. Wade embraces a strong persoanl faith that guides every area of his life.

“To stay where you are right now, just keep believing, thinking and doing exactly what you always have. But, if you want to go somewhere different, you will need to believe, thing and do life differently.”