War on Debt Workshop


Ever feel like you are suffocating from debt?

Exhausted and hopeless from the endless mess of bills?

Are you tired of juggling payments?

Working to make ends meet?

Are you ready for change?

Join the War on Debt

WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Due to un-safe road conditions, we are postponing this workshop for 2 weeks!

A little more time to invite your friends!

Friday,  Feb 17rd, 2017 |  7 – 930pm  |  #102 – 284 Helmcken Road

If you are serious about changing your financial future…

Learn a simple, step by step proven method to pay off debt, and achieve your financial goals in record time.

Join By Design on the journey towards financial freedom!

No matter where you are starting from, this FREE community workshop will show you how to

COMPLETELY ELIMINATE your debt within 5-7 years or less!

Your Facilitator


Lillian Underwood – Executive Coach

Before I was introduced to the War on Debt system, living “in the red” was our everyday normal.  I had convinced myself that the “buy now, pay later” mentality was the way to live, and didn’t realize how debt was influencing every part of our lives.  The stress of paying bills and the frustration of never having enough really pushed me to find a solution.  This system was it for us.  When we began to implement the simple steps with our finances, we were able to pay off over $30,000 of debt in 8 months!

Today, 3 years later, we live DEBT FREE and have a down payment for a new home in the bank!  We have paid cash for new furniture, a car, a trip to Disneyland for our girls and are raising them up with the financial wisdom we have learned from the War on Debt.  Hundreds of people in Victoria have been able to pay off over 1.8 million dollars of debt and I am always excited to share this life-changing workshop with anyone who is serious about results!  I hope to see you there!

Join the War on Debt!

Ask yourself if any of this is true about you. Do you…

  • Live paycheque to paycheque with no savings?
  • Pay only the minimums on your credit cards?
  • Fear that any mishap or financial emergency (if the car breaks down) would cause you not to be able to put food on the table?
  • Know that you should save for retirement, but you can’t imagine how?
  • Fear that bankruptcy may be your only option?

Debt is enslaving you. But you don’t have to suffer anymore!

I used to feel like I would be in debt forever. My dreams felt far away. Since applying what I learned, I have paid off $10,000 of debt in 14 months and am DEBT FREE with money in the bank! I have been able to travel oversees on missions and feel confident to pursue my dreams! Michelle McGuff
Using the War on Debt System and through attending By Design, our family has seen huge success with finances in the past 6 months with paying off $20,000.00 in debt! Today we are DEBT FREE and saving for a down payment on our next house! Sarah Honor
Shelley Sampson
Prior to attending By Design and the War on Debt, we were battling serious debt. Using this system, we have paid off $20,000 of debt in under 2 years and travelled to Hawaii with CASH! I can now hold my head up high, knowing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Shelley Sampson

In this Workshop, you’ll Discover:

How to pay off your debt, WITHOUT making any more money than you do right now
How to use the simple debt elimination chart to keep track of your personal War on Debt™
Step-by-step instructions to bring your accounts down to zero
A proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in debt
The difference between wise and foolish spending
How to uncover excess spending and use that money to quickly pay down your high interest accounts
Practical tips that have helped hundreds of people in Victoria, BC to pay off 1.6 million dollars of debt in the last 5 years
The reasons why it is so important to get out of debt now before the current economic conditions do you in.

No Debt? No problem?

Use the exact same formula to save a downpayment for your dream home, the trip to Bora Bora or exciting retirement plans!

Learn step-by-step strategies from business and financial expert, Dani Johnson, and hear stories from local people in Victoria, BC who together have applied these strategies to pay off over 1.6 million dollars worth of debt in under 5 years!

Be inspired to make the change in your life!

It doesn’t matter how much you owe, how much you make, where you’re from, what you do for a living, how many mistakes you’ve made, or how big those mistakes have been.

You CAN WIN your WAR ON DEBT™ starting from where you are right now!

Take One Step Towards Freedom Today.

Join hundreds of people, just like you,

Who have declared WAR on debt and are WINNING!

“My sister dragged us to the War on Debt workshop and we’re so incredibly happy that she did. We’ve paid off all our student loan debt amounting to over $20,000 in 13 months. And as of this month (September 2015), we have paid cash for Alana’s Masters Degree and cash to complete Stephen’s degree at UVic.” ~Stephen and Alana Johnson, Victoria, BC
“I initially heard about War on Debt through the By Design course last winter. I attended the free workshop, found $400 of FAT in my budget- just from eating lunch out! I have been able to pay off over $5000 and 4 debts since January 2015 and project to be debt free by summer of 2016.” ~Dan Parkinson, Langford, BC
“I found the debt was easy to accumulate. The banks make it SO easy to slide further into debt every year! I was getting so frustrated and it was limiting what we could do as a family. Since applying the proven steps, my husband and I have paid off over $32,000 in 3 years. We are DEBT FREE and it feels AWESOME. We also paid CASH for a trip to our homeland Samoa for our family of 5. All thanks to Dani Johnson and her War ON Debt System.” ~Tina and Niu Savea, Sidney, BC
“We were drowning in debt from car payments, mortgage and credit cards. We paid off all our debts, and sold our house in a down market, and made money doing a work tranfer. We ended up paying a total of $603,000 in 4 years.” ~Karissa Josok, Sooke, BC
“I initially thought that Dani Johnson and War on Debt must be a scam and I was sceptical. However, all I know is she laid out everything very succinctly and gave me a method to follow. My husband’s health was very poor and we knew he may have to retire early. We weren’t prepared for that. Within 2 years of hearing the message we paid off our mortgage and cleared all our debts (over $65,000) and I am so happy that we have a workable budget as we live our retirement out!” ~Ruth Parrish, Colwood, BC
“We were living in a financial nightmare, digging ourselves thousands of dollars deeper every month. Since plugging into the War On Debt systems we have paid off $200,000 in 6 years!” ~Wade and Vangel Roberts, Sidney, BC