2017 News – Drumroll please…

For many, this past year has been a really tough year.  For others, it was filled with dreams fulfilled and adventures enjoyed.  No doubt we all experienced some beautiful things with the challenging things, and when we look back at 2016, overall, we learned a lot.  We laughed.  We cried.  And we most likely ate more than our share over Christmas!  I know I did!


As we gathered over the holidays to celebrate 5 years of By Design (Can you believe it?  5 years!!!)…to reflect on where we have come from, and where we are headed…


Surprisingly the entire team came to a unanimous conclusion


2017 is a year of CHANGE!


Do any of you feel that way?  And is change ever easy?  Most definitely not.  Could it be shocking?  Maybe for some.  But no matter the way the cookie crumbles, we all know that, for us personally, this change will be worth it.


As beautifully as Idina Menzel sang it, in the forever popular, Frozen…


Letting go is a necessary part of moving forward

to embrace a NEW tomorrow.


Maybe that’s why that song always sticks in our heads, eh?  Because we are all striving to move forward in our lives…and it can be a good reminder to release whatever it is holding us back from the dreams in our hearts.


And so with great anticipation for what is to come, we want to let you know that…(drumroll please…)


The By Design 8 week Challenge will be happening…

ONCE A YEAR – Starting in 2017

And it is right around the corner, on JANUARY 17th!


Yup, there will not be another chance this year to learn bite-size strategies, over 8 weeks, that you can apply to your life to get immediate results! This is it, folks!


So if you have been on the fence, or thinking of putting it off to a later date… you now have the choice to invest in yourself today…or wait another whole year!  365 more days of default.  Don’t do it!!!!  Why wait, to start living your dreams?


Why wait to…

  1. Decrease the stress and chaos in your life?
  2. Pay down debt?
  3. Increase your income?
  4. Deepen the relationships that matter most?
  5. Build confidence and a healthier lifestyle?
  6. Discover the dreams on your heart and start living them?


Seriously, it’s crazy the stories we hear from By Designers who are truly experiencing today, what they “designed” on paper…months or years before.


Like Jeremey and Jocelyn, who today are debt free and just bought their first home!  A dream they totally thought was impossible when they attended By Design for the first time.


Or Kristi and John, who had convinced themselves that they would never be able to adopt, and today are debt free and the proud parents of 3 beautiful kids.


What about Lara and Gabe?  They had a pipe-dream to teach overseas with their family, and through applying the skills they learned at By Design, they were able to pay off $19,000 of debt, and teach for 2 years in Venezuela!  They are forever changed because of it.


Got debt?  I dare you to tally up the cost of another year of interest on those loans, and then ask yourself if you really want to put it off.   We have countless testimonials of clients who are DEBT FREE today.  (Try 1.8 million dollars worth of debt paid off in Victoria, BC…and do you know how expensive it is to live here?  An average home is half a million dollars!  That makes those numbers even crazier!!!)


This 8 week Challenge is truly a life-changing experience, and we really hope you don’t miss out.


Remember, nothing changes unless YOU do.


Register today and get a head start on living those dreams…at a very discounted price – $100 savings if you don’t delay!


And check back in a couple days, to see the exciting guest speakers on the roster for this round.  All I can say is…This will be our best challenge yet.


We hope to see you there.


Be brave,




PS.  The GEMS Workshop is happening THIS FRIDAY, January 6th!  If you haven’t saved a seat yet, this is a good time to do just that!

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