GEMS Workshop Jan 6


Join By Design, as Vangel Roberts, a certified GEMS™ Facilitator, leads you through the GEMS™ experience.

Learn how to make more money and/or get a promotion at work, decrease stress in all relationships, increase efficiency using strategic communications, reduce friction with close friends and family, create a more peaceful work and home environment, help others reach their potential and have a whole lot more fun!

This Simple Yet Comprehensive Method will Empower You to Master the Art of Relating, Communicating, Understanding and Motivating People of all Personality Types.


Ever want to leave behind the frustration of being misunderstood by people, constantly trying to figure out what YOU are good at, the pain of broken relationships or even the fear of talking to people – even those that intimidate you?  For years the only choice (short of moving to a deserted island) was to take a personality test and try to figure out what it meant and how to use it.

Dani Johnson, star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire, bestselling author, internationally sought-after speaker and syndicated radio show host, has created a fun, easy to learn, proprietary system called GEMS™.

GEMS™ reveals a revolutionary method of exploring human interaction including how people receive and process information, voice tone, body language, emotional temperament, and personal motivation, giving you an extraordinary advantage in your life.  GEMS™ is a tool thousands have used to identify, motivate and effectively communicate with each person they come in contact with.  Now you can get a free introduction.

You Are Invited to this FREE Community Event

Victoria, BC

 Friday, January 6th, 2017


Do you want to leave behind…

  • Frustrations with people, at work and at home…
  • Broken relationships…
  • The fear of talking to people (or those “certain” types of people)…
  • Constantly trying to figure out what YOU are good at…
  • Low sales, closing ratios, revenue or income…
  • Dysfunctional teams, sniping team members or parasites…

Just look at some of the practical applications for understanding personalities…

Career Guidance – What types of tasks are we best suited to perform? Where are we naturally the most happy?

Managing Employees – How we can best understand an employee’s natural capabilities, and where they will find the most satisfaction?

Personal Relationships – How can we improve our awareness of another individual’s Personality Type, and therefore increase our understanding of their reactions to situations, and know how to best communicate with them on a level which they will understand?

Prospecting & Recruiting – Gain instant rapport with those you meet. Learn exactly how to identify, recruit and motivate each of the 4 personality groups, even over the phone. Your success ratios will skyrocket!

Education – How can we develop different teaching methods to effectively educate different types of people?

Counselling – How we can help individuals understand themselves better, and become better able to deal with their strengths and weaknesses?

Leadership – Discover how to motivate others into action and keep them focused, enhance the teamwork and excitement within your organization while acquiring skills that will equip you to effectively lead tens of thousands of people.

Conflict Resolution – Decrease conflicts and reduce the effects of “personality clashes”

If you do ANYTHING that involves communicating with other people, this program will help you get the best results possible, no matter what personality type they are… period.

Experience A Revolutionary Method To
Identify & Motivate Others and Increase Your Influence!

What people are saying about the Gems Mastery Program:

The Gems Mastery course helped me to figure out what type of personality I have. I was truly amazed! I can now recognize what type of GEMS my friends and family are and I am able to effectively communicate with those around me. I encourage EVERYONE to take the GEMS course.

– Jen Elliot (Tsartlip First Nation)

I’m the oldest of seven kids in my family and three of us are Sapphires, including myself! My poor Pearl and Ruby parents couldn’t motivate us or communicate with us. After going through the GEMS™ training with my parents and oldest three siblings, we have better communication and know why we are who we are! (And we have a whole lot more dance parties in the kitchen!)
~ Emma Gillespie (Victoria, BC)

I’m definitely a Sapphire, and Dani’s training taught me that it’s natural for me to be doing a million things at once, be scattered, and PROCRASTINATE! Now, I’m working on overcoming those things and focusing on all the great things about being a Sapphire. I’ve learned how to motivate my 10-year-old Sapphire son – he’s a mini-me – and I’m working on figuring out how to get my daughter, a three-year-old Ruby, to learn she’s not in charge of the whole world!
~ Chasen Crowson
Prior to GEMS I did not know how to communicate very well and felt quite alone. Today I can talk with a total stranger and not be intimidated by them. I used to hide behind a mask, believing people like me could not succeed. I realize now that was an excuse not to move forward! GEMS opened my eyes to a whole new world! Understanding people, starting with my husband and our daughters, I was able to learn how to communicate to him in his language, rather than mine, and how to motivate our daughters in homeschooling. I love teaching them that 98% of communication is non-verbal. GEMS has helped me to learn that tone of voice plays a big part in relating to people. It’s hard to believe that I learned all this from GEMS, but I did!

– Lillian Underwood (Kluane First Nation, Yukon Territory)

With Dani’s GEMS™, your entire family can get to know people and figure out personality types and have a really fun time doing it. My kids, for example, went back to school and they knew the personality types of their teachers after plugging into Dani. Then, they were able to put that to use in the classroom and their grades skyrocketed, up to 80s and 90s from where they were before. Not only have my relationships improved in business, within 5 months I have generated profits of over $67,000 and have paid off $39,000 of debt.

~ Dianne McGuigan

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